Friday, 31 August 2012

Pi-chan loves mill worms!

She ate mill worms right away when I showed it to her. It seems like she loves eating mil worms, but I am wondering how she can tell they are eatable?! I borough her up since she was a baby. Is this animal instinct?!

By the way, she did not like crickets. I am not sure why though. I tried to feed it to her, but she did not eat it at all. She actuallt got scared when she saw it, so I cut it into a small piece, but then she did not eat it. I think she did not like a cricket because it was bigger and harder than worms.

After observing her, I've realised that she always pays attention something that moves. She might eat if I feed live crickets . . . but I do not think I wanna keep them. I cannot believe I keep mil worms at home!!, lol

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